Pikmin 3 Demos Going on at GameStop Now!

Pikmin 3 GameStop Demo

Nintendo has a lot of cool new games coming out this year, and one of the most anticipated is the latest installment of the Pikmin series -- Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 is due to be released in the next few weeks (on August 4, 2013), but if you just can't wait until then to dig in and sample the goods, Nintendo is holding an event at select GameStop locations today and tomorrow (July 20-21, 2013 from 1-4 p.m.) where you can play a demo of the game. You can also pre-order a digital version of Pikmin 3 while you're at GameStop and you'll receive it a day early -- on August 3, 2013.

We swung by our local GameStop and not only had the pleasure of seeing Pikmin 3 in all of it's glory, but we also were lucky enough to try out a demo of another great game being released next month -- Mario and Luigi Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS. There weren't that many people at the GameStop we went to at the time we got there, so we played both demos of the games multiple times all the way through and just couldn't get enough! Our Nintendo rep also gave us some cute Pikmin appliques / patterns, and even a cool Donkey Kong 3DS tote bag wrapped up in a banana that was left over for another event. Totally a great experience!

If you didn't get a chance to make it out to the Pikmin demo today, you still have a chance to make it out to one tomorrow; to find the nearest GameStop to you that is holding the event, you can enter your zip code on GameStop's Pikmin 3 event page. If you plan on picking up a Pikmin 3 strategy guide, now is a good time to pick up one up, as you can get 50% off all Official Strategy Guides at GameStop.com! Don't miss out, offer expires 7/23/2013.

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